ChickLitMay Book Boyfriend Blog Hop
May is International Chick Lit Month, and we’re celebrating in style with the #ChickLitMay Book Boyfriend blog hop, which runs May 15-21.

My book boyfriend candidate is RAINE KINGSTON from Hiding Out in Hollywood, the first book in my A Hollywood Dating Story series. Here’s why he thinks he should be this year’s #ChickLitMay Book Boyfriend.

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Hey there—I’m Raine Kingston, candidate for #ChickLitMay Book Boyfriend. Thanks for giving me a few minutes of your day to share a bit about who I am and why I’m asking for your vote.

Raine Kingston Book Boyfriend Hop photo(This is me… a bit much with the brooding look, I know, but it’s from some film press thing I did recently. I swear I smile a lot in non-movie life!)

I’m not usually one to campaign for anything. Even though I’m an actor and people know me from my starring roles on the big screen, I like to keep my personal life private. So why am I putting myself out there for the Book Boyfriend title? Well, I’m hoping it will get the word out that not all Hollywood actors are party-hearty bad boys who cheat on their significant others, and that most of us whose careers put us in the spotlight are just regular ol’ people looking to live our lives and fall in love. I’m also hoping it will win me some points with Emily Watts, my incredible girlfriend I’d do anything for.

Emily and Raine at the After It All premiere(I have no idea how I convinced Em to give me a chance, but I’m so glad she did!)

Em is a talented writer who likes to keep her life out of the spotlight. When we met, the last thing she wanted was to date someone in the public eye. I *think* the super secret dates I planned with secluded beach picnics, private dining rooms, romantic nights in, and a weekend getaway to a lake in northern Minnesota have shown her I respect her wishes for privacy, and that we can be together without it being a complete spectacle. I feel like the luckiest guy alive when I’m with her, and your vote would reassure her that no matter what the world or the tabloids throw at us, I’m a good guy who will always love her, adore her, stand behind her, and shield her from what I can of this crazy Hollywood world we live in.

At heart, I’m just a guy who grew up in Duluth, Minnesota, who values my loved ones above anything else. I’d do anything to have Emily by my side, and that’s why I’m asking you to vote me, Raine Kingston, for #ChickLitMay Book Boyfriend. Thank you for your support!

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THIS CONTEST IS NOW OVER (contest info has been removed from this post because it’s closed). Congrats to the winner, Kathy D!


Cover of Hiding Out in Hollywood by Jennifer FarwellRaine Kingston is one of the main characters in Hiding Out in Hollywood, which is available for free at Kobo.

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