This is the narrative of Brynne Ropert and Portland Dolish, two best friends who are seemingly close, as you’d expect best friends to be. As soon becomes clear, though, they also hold back from one another in some really important ways. It’s the personal details of her relationship and her fears about what her husband may be involved in that ultimately could have changed Portland’s story, had she felt like she could share these details of her life with her best friend.

When I write reviews, I don’t ever want to give too much about the story away beyond what’s already in the book’s description, for fear of spoiling something for another reader. A QUESTIONABLE FRIENDSHIP is written in a style of alternating viewpoints, from Brynne and then from Portland. This style lets us see how Portland perceives Brynne’s life and vice-versa. Both young women are close enough to one another to tell when something is off in the other one’s life, but they’re also so far apart in other ways that breaking past the appearances and the walls is almost impossible, simply because of how their friendship has — or more accurately, has failed to — evolve. In this case, there are tragic consequences for keeping up appearances, putting up those walls, and tiptoeing around sensitive subjects.

I found myself very easily able to relate to this book. Samantha March is spot-on in this concept: do we ever truly know someone, and do we ever let someone truly know us, especially as we go through adulthood? And why is it that we sometimes do this? I found myself asking the question of how we can let some of our most important relationships get like this, to be afraid of sharing too much or prying too much. It’s a good personal reflection to have, and I’m glad this book brought up this question for me.

There was a twist in this book that I didn’t see coming at all. It was a jaw-dropping one for me! I won’t say what (read it, and I’m sure you’ll guess!), but I will say that I love when I can’t predict how a book will play out.

I read this book over the course of about 24 hours, because I couldn’t put it down! All in all, a truly enjoyable read that I recommend picking up!

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